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What is it?
Book: "Dawn - Before the Day Begins"


Although I shoot a wide variety of subjects, a lot of my photography has focused on early morning environments. I've grown to love the atmosphere and unique experiences that come from visiting a location before most people are awake. Over the years my portfolio of dawn and sunrise photos has grown considerably so it was a natural choice as the subject for my first book. All photographs in this book were taken before, at, or just after sunrise from a variety of locations including the Shenandoah, Chesapeake Bay, and even the Bahamas.

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The book includes a full-color wrapped cover image. The book contains 59 photographs across 20 pages of high quality construction including the use of pigment-based inks and stitched bindings. The hardcover versions are treated with a laminate to reduce both glare and fingerprints.
If you choose the lay-flat option, the pages will lay completely flat on the bindings when opened providing a completely unobstructed view of each photograph on the page.

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