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Heron Silhouette - Annapolis, Maryland
Heron Silhouette

Drum Point Lighthouse - Calvert County, Maryland
Drum Point Lighthouse

Ready for Flight - Maryland
Ready for Flight

Under the Pier - Maryland
Under the Pier

Surise on the Patuxent - Southern Maryland
Surise on the Patuxent

The Quiet Heron - Annapolis, Maryland
The Quiet Heron

The Queen - Maryland
The Queen

Moonrise over Solomons - Southern Maryland
Moonrise over Solomons

Sunset on the Bridge - Southern Maryland
Sunset on the Bridge

Peeking Out - Maryland
Peeking Out

Sunset in Philadelphia - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sunset in Philadelphia

Shenandoah Lightning - Shenandoah, Virginia
Shenandoah Lightning

View to Sunrise - Southern Maryland
View to Sunrise

Solomons Bridge Sunset - Southern Maryland
Solomons Bridge Sunset

Blue Heron on Watch - Maryland
Blue Heron on Watch

Patuxent River Dawn - Southern Maryland
Patuxent River Dawn

Petal Water Drops - Maryland
Petal Water Drops

Decay on the Bay - Calvert County, Maryland
Decay on the Bay

Sandy Point Lighthouse at Sunrise - Annapolis, Maryland
Sandy Point Lighthouse at Sunrise

Sunrise over Potomac and Wilson Bridge - Washington DC Area
Sunrise over Potomac and Wilson Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge at Night - New York
Brooklyn Bridge at Night

Bay Bridge Panorama - Maryland
Bay Bridge Panorama

Peace and Quiet - Calvert County, Maryland
Peace and Quiet

Blossoms in the Sky - Washington DC
Blossoms in the Sky

Foggy Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC
Foggy Cherry Blossoms

Wet Cherry Blossoms - Washington DC
Wet Cherry Blossoms

Mountain Ridges - West Virginia
Mountain Ridges

Tidal Marsh - Patuxent River in Maryland
Tidal Marsh

US Capitol - Washington, DC
US Capitol

Great Falls Sunrise - Virginia
Great Falls Sunrise

Blue Angels - Patuxent River Naval Air Station
Blue Angels

Butterfly on Black Eyed Susan - Maryland
Butterfly on Black Eyed Susan

A View from Brooklyn - Brooklyn, New York
A View from Brooklyn

M&Ms - New York City

Foggy Barn - Calvert County, Maryland
Foggy Barn

Sunrise on the Chesapeake - Calvert County, Maryland
Sunrise on the Chesapeake

Assateage Horses - Assateage Island, Maryland
Assateage Horses

Bridge Sunset - Solomons, Maryland
Bridge Sunset

Solomons Moonrise - Solomons, Maryland
Solomons Moonrise

Macro Flower - Maryland
Macro Flower