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Cradle Me Gently
May 20, 2012

As some of you know, I'm usually one to ask for forgiveness rather than permission when it comes to photography. But I almost gave up on this shot because I didn't want to break the rules.

The National Botanical Gardens has a strict no tripod rule, which sucks when there are so many awesome things to take macro photos of, and doubly-sucks when the day is overcast and the light inside the greenhouse is soft and even (but low).

The orchid exhibit was spectacular and I only saw this tiny drop sitting inside the orchid because I was really looking at everything closely. It was a flower about shoulder height just inside the door to traditional orchid room in the south-east corner of the building. If you walked through the door and didn't immediately look left, you'd miss it.

Low light, next to a door, people walking behind me constantly....not the best place to try and take a shot like this and not a place I could have tried to sneak a quick tripod shot. It just would have blocked everything up and pissed people off.

This is why we practice steady shooting and bracing. Bump the ISO, wrap the strap around my shoulder, hands in tight, drop exposure a stop, and hope for the best.

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