Jeff Smallwood Photography
A Walk in the Woods
Jul 6, 2013

Hill Creek, Pocahontas County, WV


A Walk in the Woods

by Jeff Smallwood

One day I took a week’s vacation,
Gained myself some liberation,
From cyclic, drowning expectations,
In my incarcerated mind.

Ignored the hustle, bustle scene,
Cut through the fabric trampoline,
Sliced the sky and bled it clean,
To discover I was blind.

The artificial networks quiet,
I gorged myself on Earthen diets,
The crystal air held back the riot,
Of a hundred mile chatter.

We’re faster if we’re disconnected,
Our inner peace no more neglected,
Determine what should be rejected,
‘Cause it really doesn't matter.

Return to normal consciousness,
Polished truths are now possessed,
Greater meanings coalesce,
And we truly understand.

None will know our inner good,
We’ll always be misunderstood,
Until we all walk in the woods,
And hold it in our hand.


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