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15 Minute Sunrise
Aug 29, 2012
It took 3 months of planning and waiting, then twice I had to reschedule due to cloudy skies, but it finally worked out this morning. Sunrise alignment with Sandy Point Lighthouse, which is near Annapolis, MD on the Chesapeake Bay.
Blackwater Falls, West Virginia
Aug 27, 2012
 The photo club's assignment this month is HDR so I was looking to experiment with some processing techniques. In addition, I'm thinking about going back to Blackwater Falls this coming weekend so I went back through shots from my last trip for planning. I never processed this shot from last year and I had taken it bracketed (with 4 exposures) so I figured why not work on the assignment.
Hidden Treasures
Aug 20, 2012
The shoreline at this spot was fairly flat by the water's edge, but this one large mound of dirt & mud had quite the community growing around it. Grasses and plants, insects of all kinds. And at the bottom there were crabs and amphipods and a myriad of other marsh creatures....even lots of mummichogs splashing in the shallow puddles at the base.