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On An Old Country Road
Feb 16, 2012
I was wandering south from Moorefied, WV toward Spruce Knob (the highest peak in WV and in the Allegheny mountains). Traveling alone provides a level of freedom you don't usually get (or at least I don't usually get), so I took numerous little detours as I drove, letting my eyes and heart direct me where to go. Where Rt 220 crosses the South Branch of the Potomac River, a little country road on the right caught my eye.
Make Change - A Life Lesson From My 8-Yr Old
Jul 24, 2011
 I find it profound when you experience an emotional situation that really sticks with you. The kind of event that anchors into your mind and has an effect on what you do from that day forward. My 8-yr old taught me a lesson last week that falls into that category.