Jeff Smallwood Photography
Inspiration Courtesy of Ansel Adams
Oct 23, 2011
National Geographic published a tribute article to Ansel Adams this month (Oct 2011). Included in the article were, of course, black and white photos taken in the Ansel Adams Wilderness in California. Although I've never been lucky enough to visit those areas of the country, I was inspired by the article and photographs to go back through some of my shots and do some B&W photo processing of my own.
Make Change - A Life Lesson From My 8-Yr Old
Jul 24, 2011
 I find it profound when you experience an emotional situation that really sticks with you. The kind of event that anchors into your mind and has an effect on what you do from that day forward. My 8-yr old taught me a lesson last week that falls into that category.
A Veteran's Story - Photography Inside-Out
Mar 12, 2011
People take pictures for different reasons. Some like to take snapshots of family events as they unfold, others are setup artists who prepare scenes ahead of time. Some like to be up front and in the middle of the action to capture the details of a moment as close as possible. Others like to act as a "spy" and watch a scene unfold from afar, capturing the blended emotions and imagery that emerge outward. Whether you're one extreme or the other, or somewhere in between, we all take photos to collapse that moment of time into something we can keep with us.
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