Jeff Smallwood Photography
Break Through the Funk
Feb 7, 2012
I've been going through a period lately where I thought everything I took was crap. I was struggling to keep my eye and produce any shots I felt really confident about. A lot of scenes I was shooting just felt like lost opportunities once I looked at the results. In the past my reaction to feeling like this has been to back away, keep the camera out of sight and not push it. This worked before by allowing the creativity to come back on its own but I've never felt very positive about that approach.
Just Pull Over
Jan 20, 2012
 I usually put in a fair amount of planning for sunrise and early morning shots, scoping a location, watching the weather, trying to pull it all together. This was definitely not one of those times.
Love Potion No. 9 (Datura Pod)
Jan 9, 2012
Love Potion No. 9 (Datura Pod)I learned something totally new and surprising from taking this photo (the title is a hint). But first a little background.
Welcome to Pig Island
Dec 23, 2011
 Nestled between Fowl Cay and Staniel Cay in the Exuma Islands, Bahamas, lies the spot affectionately named "Pig Island".

Years ago (I never found out exactly when) someone released pigs on the island which measures only about 1.5 km in size. The pigs have multiplied and survived over the years and are now quite the local attraction.

On Alien Shores
Dec 20, 2011
I took 30 pictures at this spot, waiting for just the right wave to crash and roll onto the rocks. And 29 times I failed to capture the image I had in my head. I kept "chimping", hoping to see the right image and was luckily rewarded.
Lost and Found
Dec 14, 2011
 When you shoot alone, straining to capture a "vision", the quiet, peaceful environment can take your mind places you wouldn't normally go. I think sometimes a poem helps to fully express the photographer's intent.
Sticks and Stones
Dec 13, 2011
 When I shoot during sunrises and sunsets I usually pay closest attention to the colors and expose for the sky. Bringing out those rare colors and cloud shapes can be a challenge and certainly makes for some beautiful photos. However, over the last year I've also grown to appreciate the structure, contrasts, and unique shapes that emerge from the environment when the light is coming at such a low angle. Regardless of colors, shooting for a longer exposure can bring a scene to life in a way that our eyes don't immediately see.
My Largest Panorama
Dec 3, 2011
Full moon illumination, this was taken on the north east shore of Staniel Cay, in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas. The specs are huge on this file and it brought my laptop to its knees.
Drama in Paradise
Nov 19, 2011
As many of my friends know, when it comes to photography, I'm an early riser. Getting out to capture the first light of day is always a thrill because you never know what scene Mother Nature will paint for you.
I'd been witness to a colorful sunrise the day before and was hoping for another burst of color this morning. However, the Atlantic had another plan in store.
There was no pot of gold
Nov 19, 2011
An almost double rainbow that was the most complete and clear one I'd ever seen...and I got to see it TWICE! Taken at Compass Cay in the Exumas (part of the Bahamas), the entire beach was empty except for our group of five people.
Creating the Droste Effect
Oct 27, 2011
Have you ever pointed a video camera at the monitor where the live image is being displayed. Have you ever pointed your webcam at your computer screen and witnessed the screen in a screen in a screen ad infinitum? I know I used to do that all the time as a kid, always with a twinge of guilt that somehow the infinity point might break the screen, but here's how to do it all digitally.
Cutting Through the Morning Haze
Oct 24, 2011
Woke up one morning last week, looked out the door through the back yard just as the light was coming up and noticed a thin layer of fog had settled about 30-40 feet above the ground. The air was mostly still but if you stared at the fog layer long enough you could see there was a gentle flow to it, coming out of the trees and across the field. 
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