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Don't Delete That Photo - A Step by Step on Finding the Inner Beauty in a Throw-away Shot
May 27, 2013
Before and After Don't be so hasty to toss those boring photos out. Even when we're in a dramatic location or have an interesting subject, we've all ended up with a photo that makes you say "eh". Maybe it's the light, maybe the weather, maybe we forgot to use a particular technique. Here's a step by step on how I fixed up this boring photo for an online exercise. Hopefully some of these techniques will help you out too.
No Photo For You! - A Soup Nazi Perspective on Photography and Aspect Ratios
May 20, 2013
If you were upright and breathing during the mid 1990s, you probably remember the pop culture phenomenon and oft-quoted “Soup Nazi” from the show “Seinfeld”. His signature "no soup for you!" just flew in the face of the old saying "the customer is always right".
However, when the worlds of art and business cross paths, sometimes the artist has to make artistic choices that can be misunderstood as not putting the customer first. Providing prints in any and every aspect ratio under the sun is just one of those rules. Read more about why this matters and how it can help you become a better photographer.
Photo Forensics - Finding the Fake in Microsoft Windows
May 8, 2013
There's something missing from this photo included with Windows 7. Do you recognize what it is?
I've yet to upgrade to Windows 8 and probably never will. However, with each Windows launch  (Windows "Blue" is on the horizon) comes a new batch of built in desktop wallpapers. What are they and who are the photographers who get their images selected? I went back and looked at the Windows 7 wallpapers and found something surprising...
What's In a Number? IMG 1000, 2000, 3000, and more
Jan 13, 2013
Our cameras all number the photos in sequential order. And when it gets high enough the number just starts back over at #1. Ever wonder what you ended up shooting at the numbers 1000, 2000, or even 9999?
To watermark or not to watermark...Is that the question?
Jan 9, 2013
I don't watermark my photographs, except under very specific circumstances. Why? Because there's a distinction between what watermarking does and does not do.

Take a look at the images in this post. How much time did you spend looking at the photo, allowing your eye to follow the flow, the lines, shapes, colors? How much time did you spend concentrating and taking in the details of the shot? And then how much time was spent noticing and reading the watermark?

Week 1 Self Portraits - Behind the Scenes and Lessons Learned
Jan 7, 2013
I mentioned in my last post that I was embarking on 52 project in 2013 and my goal was to do more things that aren't in my comfort zone. An excuse to try something unusual, different, or possibly dangerous just feels right and I hope it is the spice in my 52 that'll  keep it going throughout the year.

Another goal of a 52 of course is to learn something, not only about what you shoot and process each week but also to learn something about yourself as well. And a day after my first post I realized I learned things on both sides of that coin.
1 of 52 - The Beginning
Jan 6, 2013
I've decided to embark on a 52 week adventure. My companions are my camera, my glass, and whatever light decides to join me along the way.
When a GND Just Won't Do
Nov 12, 2012
Taking long exposures is one of my favorite techniques. I don't go anywhere without my B+W 1.7 and 3.0 filters and being able to slow things down, even in full sunlight in the middle of the day, can help create some unique situations.
But sometimes the long exposures make it difficult to use GND filters, so here's a simple digital technique to simulate them.
Putting Photos in Motion
Nov 4, 2012
I recently attended the Calvert Photography Club's November photo trip to Great Falls. We visited both the Virginia and Maryland sides of the park on the same morning. Being only 3 days after hurricane Sandy departed the Washington, DC area, I expected the water levels to be much higher than they were. However, you could definitely tell there had been a jump in river flow. It was much dirtier than usual and the water level was a little high (much higher than it had been over the majority of the summer). It was here I took a series of burst shots of the waterfalls and put them in motion.
Politics and Photo Editing Do Not Mix
Oct 29, 2012
This post is not a political post, this is a digital editing and forensics post. My commentary here should not be confused with an endorsement of any candidate for the US Presidency (and yes, there are more than two candidates to choose from). But this is what happens when you put high profile photography in the hands of an amatuer...
The Lonely Beacon
Oct 26, 2012
A poem titled "The Lonely Beacon"
Carnival and Fair Photography - Take your Tripod
Sep 30, 2012
Carnivals and fairs offer such a wide variety of unique subjects, it really is one of the best opportunities to get different shots without having to travel too far from your home. From animals to people to the colorful rides themselves, take your tripod, wander the grounds and see what you can find.
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